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Since Buddhist era, Oud has long been regarded as auspicious wood that not only used in religious ceremony, but also as Ayurvedic, skincare and medical herb. It is one of four famous natural aromas called Chattuchat Sukon.

During the period of Ayutthaya kingdom or Siam, Oud had been used as Siam’s royal tribute and were also the eminent export product that used to be royal monopolized product during the time of King Narai era to the age of King Rama 4.

The evidence founded from the letter of East India Company in B.E. 2222 stated that the best Oud during Ayutthaya period is Agillah Bannah from Bannah which is now located in Nakornnayok province and Thailand has long been the exporter of Oud since Ayutthaya period.

However, nowadays, the best source of Oud in Thailand is at Dong Payafai in Khao Yai, which has long been the world’s source of Oud supply since the ancient time.

There is a Buddhist belief that there was a lotus in Buddha’s hand when he was born while there was Krissna wood (Oud) in Krissna’s hand when he was born. The Sanskirt word “Krissna” (which short pronunciation on the word “na”) means a person who his skin is black and the one with long pronunciation on the word “na” (or Krissna) means the fragrant resin that permeates the heartwood of some Aquilaria trees.

There is also an Indian belief that Oud is related to Krishna (Hindu god) and need to be treated with respect. That is why Oud trees are preserved and always used in royal or religious ceremonies. To this belief, growing Oud tree is a kind of god worship, which could accounts to burning millions of incense sticks.

Therefore, in order to preserve the natural Oud trees, we should utilize only those cultivated trees that produce ten times the benefits of natural ones.

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